I’m honored to present members who have benefited from Alexys Paris’ SLS Voice Lessons Oakland San Francisco Bay Area, Sing Like The Pros Studios, where the proven Speech Level Singing Technique & Creatively Artistic Styles are taught!
The videos you will see and hear represents member’s live or recording studio performances. I hope you enjoy the performances.

Alexys Paris’ Sing Like The Pros Studio offers Singing & Voice Lessons To Increase Vocal Range, Enhance Vocal Ease, Power, Agility, Dynamics, Vocal Control, and Yes, Beauty! Individual classes are taught to Children (age 8 above) Teenagers, Adults, Aspiring-Professionals, and Professionals.

For almost 2 decades, Alexys Paris has taught the Speech Level Singing Technique & Styles to many. It is the most popular and successful vocal technique on the planet and forms the basis of all vocal training, setting the foundation for vocal styling, beautiful voice, and vocal freedom.